Deanna and Andy Troutman opened the winery at Troutman Vineyards in June, 2001. The property was owned for many years by Russell Stauffer, who raised chickens and sold produce in a roadside stand located near the house. The winery building was renovated from one of the property’s original chicken coops.

Russell Stauffer farmstead

Andy and Deanna moved to the property in the fall of 1997 with plans to start a small, high-quality winery. Deanna, a marketing executive, and Andy, vineyard manager at Wolf Creek Vineyards, began planting vineyards in Wayne County in the spring of 1998. After three seasons of very cooperative weather, the first crop was harvested in the fall of 2000, with the winery debuting three wines from this first vintage the following summer.

Chicken coops in 1998

The winery has continued to grow over the past ten years. The old chicken house has been expanded several times, and now the winery produces a wide selection of wines.

Andy and Deanna Troutman

Andy and Deanna Troutman



When Russell Roosevelt Stauffer (center) began growing gladioli, State Route 3 was known as 3-C and was the main road connecting Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. The Troutman family farm (right) was located just a few miles south of the present-day winery in the tiny hamlet of Springville.



The Johannes Troutman (Trautmann) who immigrated to the colonies in 1748 was employed as a vineyard worker (vinedresser) in the village of Schriesheim, Germany. Located a few kilometers north of Heidelberg castle, Johannes certainly would have known of the giant wine cask cellared there that can still be seen today.


Horse team

Cutting hay with a horse-drawn sickle bar mower.


No. 7 school

Number seven school house was located less than two miles south of the winery on Jefferson Road. Karl Troutman is first boy on the left.


Aunt Bessie’s farmstead

Aunt Bessie’s farm located on the canal near Greene, Ohio.


Three generations of Troutmans

In 1999 three generations of Troutmans paused to admire the first Riesling harvested from Troutman Vineyards. The last time Troutmans harvested Riesling was in Schriesheim, Germany, in the early 1740s.