Rental Information

Great grandma Fites, pictured at left on her wedding day in 1898, always had some hens around. In the days before the supermarket, getting an egg involved at least one morning trip to the chicken coop. While the chickens are now gone, the original winery building started out as a chicken coop, and saw many mornings of egg collecting before the chickens gave way to wine bottles.


Wine tasting and sampling is available anytime the winery is open. Tours and private tastings can be arranged and scheduled with notice. Please contact the winery for additional information at (330) 263-4345.

Rental Information

The Tasting Room is available for rental Monday through Saturday. When you sign a rental contract with us, you will be required to comply with the following regulations and procedures. Please be sure to read them carefully before signing the contract.

Download the Tasting Room Rental Contract (link to .pdf file)

Download the Renter Information form (link to .pdf file)

Download the Tasting Room Rental Policies (link to .pdf file)

The Tasting Room Rental Policies

Troutman Vineyards is committed to excellence, innovation and hospitality. Our primary mission is the development and production of high quality wines. We are pleased to share the tranquility and natural beauty of our site with you and your guests.

Rental Terms

  • Rentals are billed hourly at the rate of $50 per hour.
  • Rental periods include all setup and cleanup for you and your caterer.
  • Payment for wine served at the event must be made that day.

Deposits and Fees

  • An initial $50, non-refundable fee is required to hold the date requested. This deposit shall be applied to the balance of the rental contract. The remaining balance is required on or before the rental date.
  • Repairs and cleanup costs are your responsibility and will be billed to you at $40 per hour.
  • A valid credit card number must be provided to hold the rental date and to cover any additional rental fees.
  • You, your guests and your caterer cannot arrive prior to your starting rental time. If the rental exceeds the time period detailed in the contract, the additional time will be your responsibility and shall be billed in half hour increments.

Rental Facilities

  • The Tasting Room has 40 chairs, six 30 × 30 tables and five 30 × 24 high tables.
  • Troutman Vineyards will provide wine glasses at no additional charge.
  • Any special arrangements must be detailed in the rental contract.
  • Attendance of more than 40 people without our prior approval will permit us to immediately terminate the rental and remove you and your party from the premises.

Smoking Policy

The entire winery is a non-smoking area. Smoking is permitted outside only. This policy is strictly enforced.

Food Service

  • No full-service kitchen is available for rentals. We can provide a list of caterers for your reference. You may contract with any caterer or provide your own deli trays.
  • Grilling is only permitted by an insured caterer using a propane grill.
  • Your caterer must provide proof of current liability insurance coverage, including a policy renewal date.
  • Setup and cleanup time must be included in the rental period indicated in the contract. Early arrival or late departure time shall be billed to you.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the caterer of the regulations laid out in this document.

Wine Service

  • We will provide a staff member to serve wine. For planning purposes, figure five full glasses per bottle or 60 full glasses per case. We can assist you in selecting wine.
  • The Winery does not guarantee the selection of wine available for the rental. To ensure the necessary selection of wine for the rental it is recommended to purchase wine in advance.
  • In accordance with state law, we will not serve any guest who in our sole judgment appears to be intoxicated, nor will we allow any wine to be served to minors who may be in your group.
  • Due to the limits of our state agricultural winery license, no other alcohol is permitted on the premises (including parking lots and grounds). Bringing beer or any other alcoholic beverage on the grounds is illegal and will be considered a breach of the rental contract. Any such breach will result in you and your guests being required to leave immediately.

Decorations and Entertainment

  • The Tasting Room may only be decorated in a manner that, in our judgment, does not damage the facilities.
  • No confetti or similar substances will be allowed. Candles may only be used with glass globes. Please consult with us in advance regarding decorations to avoid problems.
  • XM satellite radio is available.
  • You may hire appropriate entertainment for your event if you choose. Please notify us if you do.
  • We reserve the right to remove or modify any aspect of decorations or entertainment that we, in our sole judgment, feel poses a safety risk or nuisance to your guests or the general public. We also reserve the right to modify or remove any decorations or entertainment that any of our employees believe is inappropriate.


  • You or your caterer will be responsible for cleaning up at the end of the festivities.
  • Tables must be completely cleared, trash must be collected from all wastebaskets (including restrooms) and removed to the dumpster.
  • The caterer’s preparation area must be cleaned.
  • We will provide replacement trash bags for wastebaskets and will be responsible for washing the wine glasses. The Winery staff will also vacuum the tasting room after the event.
  • You will be responsible for paying for any of the above cleaning (if you fail to perform it yourself) as well as any non-routine cleanup following a rental. Such charges will be billed to you at the rate of $40 per hour.